Elk Creek Salvage

946 Spring Valley Road Elk Creek Virginia 24326

Phone  1-276-768-8347

E-Mail  hrgalyean@gmail.com
  Here at Elk Creek Salvage, we are in the salvage and recycling of old cars,metals,appliances and dwellings.
  Elk Creek Salvage is a one man operation owned and operated by Harold "Buddy" Galyean in Elk Creek,Virginia in the Beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia.
   I maintain a huge selection of metals,appliances and the older cars.No new junk here.That stuff mostly goes to the crusher.
   I've always had a soft spot in my heart for the older cars and trucks.Especially the Chrysler products.I try to aquire and resell as many of these older cars as I can.Either for parts or as complete vehicles.
   If you are looking for a project or just looking for parts give us a call or email.We will do our best to help you.
   If you are in the area, stop by and have a look around.
   Our business hours are 9-5 Weekdays.Closed Saturdays(Gone Racing).Open Sunday 10-4.
   If you have a mind check out my sister site www.classicgearjammers.org
This page was last updated on: May 26, 2015
  Due to the recent scrap metal huge prices,the old cars are getting harder and harder to find.So after 20+ years of trying to save as many of the older cars that I could.I'm getting ready to retire.As I have no one to carry on the business,in the next few years I will be trying to find as many homes as I can for these oldies.The rest I'll have to turn in to scrap.So if there's any thing in my inventory you interested in act now because it will be gone soon.It's no longer salvage yards or even junk yards any more.It's scrap yards and they keep nothing,when it comes in, running or not junk or not it's gone to the shredders.The old cars and trucks will soon be only photographs of what was.
  To all my customers and friends in the old car trade.THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS.
       Harold (Buddy) Galyean