After around twenty years of being in the salvage business,I have collected numerous items.Some are car related,some are not,some are just curious items.
On this page I will be putting up photos of many these items.If you see something you might be interested in please email me at .
Odds & Ends
Washing Machine
(4)Spyder Motor Wheels(14x6)-4.5 Bolt Circle
1929 Dodge Power Unit
1929 Dodge Roadster front clip converted to a power unit-Motor stills turns over-complete
General Electric Lawnmower
General Electric riding lawnmower-All electric-drive and deck both-year unknown
Toy Lawnmower
All metal toy lawnmower-Made by The Ohio Art Co,Bryan,Ohio
Antique Stewart Warner Floor Model Radio-Battery Powered-Wooden cabinet
Srewart Warner Radio